Monday, January 1, 2007

The Seeker - Sanskrit sloka

vidyA turAnAm na sukham na nidrA
arda turAnAm na bandhu na mitrA
kshudha turAnAm na ruchi na pakwam
kAmA turAnAm na bhayam na lazzA

Pursuit knows no comfort no sleep
Greed knows no relatives no friends
Hunger knows no taste no ripening
Desperation know no fear no shame


TeleRaviRays said...

Good start, that too, on a new year day. Unleash your creativity here before it's spoilt, you've got tons and truckloads of it ;)!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarvesh
Thanks for making available this sloka.
I was told ardhaturanam na guru na bandhu.
Just need clarification


Anonymous said...

@ Emmgee,

Yes, Even I read Artha turanam, Na guruh na bandhuh


Anonymous said...

so well said about human nature. does pakwam mean dish or a delicious preparation?

Bharani Iyer said...

artha ˜tur˜õ˜m na gurur na bandhu | k˜ma ˜tur˜õ˜m na bhayam na lajja | kÿudha ˜tur˜õ˜m na rucir na pakvam | vidya ˜tur˜ õ˜m na sukham na nidra˜|

mamidikeerthi said...

what is the meaning of this sloka i didn't get understand what is this....can you explain